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We believe in making apps better.

With VIDEO recordings, it's easy to understand what your users do inside your and/or app.


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It's Easier Than You

Copy & Paste the SDK into your app and add 2 lines of code to integrate it.

Add your YouTube file to smmrank.net and get the first conversion result.

Watch the videos and find out how your users are actually using your app.


iPhone & Android support

There is a big difference how people use apps depending on the platform. Don't believe us. Try both our iPhone and Android SDK and compare for yourself.

App store friendly

The SDK is compatible with Apple's App Store review guidelines. This means you can record real user experiences instead of relying solely on insights from beta testers.

Analytics synchronization

TapeRecorder automatically collects events you are tracking with your analytics and displays them next to the video. We support Google Analytics, Flurry, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, Localytics and more.

Privacy first

We take privacy seriously. We automatically pixelate sensitive information such as password fields, but you can also choose to pixelate any view you want to be obscured.

Remote configuration

Want to test a very specific usage pattern inside your app or record sessions only for specific devices or app versions? We got you covered. Select what you want to record and only watch videos that matter to you.

Minimal performance impact

Performance matters! That's why we made sure TapeRecorder won't slow down your app. We also made an extra effort to make the bandwidth & battery footprint as minimal as possible.


Free for up to 50 daily users

This will be perfect for your developer team and your application's first users.

Open account now and receive your 50% early bird discount.


$76/ MONTH

  • Up to 500 daily users
  • Create tests using various filters


$380/ MONTH

  • Up to 5000 daily users
  • Create tests using various filters



  • Unlimited users
  • Create tests using various filters
  • Secure on-site installation


What exactly is TapeRecorder?

TapeRecorder is the missing link between your users and your analytics - it's an SDK that allows you to record what are users doing in your app. This means you will be able to track, analyze and enhance the numerous ways people use your product. How to get more installs for Android and iOS application.

What problem are you solving?

TapeRecorder is AppStore / Google play compatible and gives you the possibility to watch genuine footage of how YOUR users make use of your product. You no longer need to pay other companies for testing services, because now you can test the same thing with your own users. Why rely on the impressions of people getting paid to test apps, when you can get unbiased data from your very own users?

Can I record footage from all kind of apps?

Yes, you can. Taperecorder works with all kinds of apps, including, but not limited to, OpenGL, SpriteKit and SceneKit apps.

What's the impact on app performance?

The main goal we set for ourselves was to have minimal impact on app performance without compromises in video quality. And we are very proud with the results we were able to achieve. We also made sure the battery impact and the bandwidth allocation is as low as possible. TapeRecorder uses less than 1.5 Mb per minute of high-quality video.

When will the beta period be over?

We are working hard to develop all the features we want to have for the 1.0 release. However, the beta mark doesn't mean the SDK is unstable and you shouldn't try it in your app.

Why do I need remote configuration?

You can use remote configuration to make sure all the videos you record are relevant to the tests you are running. That way you don't spend time watching videos that don't show interactions that are important to you.