Privacy Policy

Data controller’s data:

Name: TapeRecorder OOD (“Data controller”)

Registered office: Bulgaria, Sofia 1680, district of Vitosha, Kazbek No.59, office 10

E-mail access: [email protected]

Considering that this Privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) constitutes an inseparable part of the Terms of Use the definitions set out in the Terms of Use govern the interpretation of the Privacy Policy as well.

Determination of data processing:

Data processing can be initiated by the voluntary, definite and conscious consent of the Subscribers during Subscription, based on the information stipulated in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Subscription shall be deemed to constitute the Subscriber’s consent to Data processing and the storing of the Data (as defined below).

Legal basis of Data processing:

The voluntary and explicit consent of the Subscriber serves as the legal basis for the data processing for the aims indicated below.

Scope of the Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the Data processing related to the use of the Website and Service.

Scope of Data handled:

  1. In the course of the Subscription, Subscribers shall give a username, a password, an e-mail address, first name, family name, year of birth, phone number, current service provider (operator) if any, information regarding the device and any other personal data important for the process of Subscription (“Data”). In the course of Data processing, the Data Controller may not disclose the Data to any third person, or transmit, publish or connect it with any other Data processing.

  2. Users/Subscribers agree that, in the course of viewing the content pages of the Website and using the Service, the IP address of the User’s/Subscriber’s computer, the starting and ending time of the visit, the identification of the viewed service, and in certain cases, subject to the setting of the User’s/Subscriber’s computer, the type of the browser and the operating system will be recorded. The system automatically logs these data.

  3. Users/Subscribers agree that while viewing Website and/or using the Service, the system sends an anonymous visitor identifier, a so-called cookie, to the User’s/Subscriber’s computer. The cookies are data files in a text format, which are stored on the User’s/Subscriber’s hard drive. The cookies do not hold personal data. In the default setting, the browser accepts cookies and stores them. If Users/Subscribers do not want the Data Controller to place a cookie on the their computer or other device, they can disable the reception of cookies in the browser.

Aims of Data processing:

  1. The aims of Data processing are the following:

    1. to identify and check the Subscriber’s authorization in course of the Subscription;

    2. to use the Data for analytical purposes; and

    3. to provide further services activated by the User/Subscriber (e.g.: sending notifications, recommendation of certain services). The Data Controller accepts to (i) communicate with the User/Subscriber directly upon the User’s /Subscriber’s previous request and consent and (ii) afford the possibility of terminating any direct communication.

Duration of Data processing:

  1. The period of Data processing begins with the Subscription and terminates with canceling the Subscription.

Other information:

  1. The Data Controller stores the Data solely in a digital format. Only the Data Controller’s authorized personnel shall have access to the Data and implement services relating to the Data. To ensure the security of the Data, Data Controller shall implement adequate technical and organizational methods to ensure the proper protection of the Data, which it processes.

  2. Third Party’s personal information are processed and controlled exclusively by the Subscriber and shall accordingly be sole Subscriber’s responsibility as determined in the Terms of Use. Data Controller may access to video content Subscriber created using the SDK, however, such information cannot unveil the Third Party’s identity under no circumstances whatsoever and accordingly does not contain personal information.

  3. Users/Subscribers may request information regarding the Data processing, the correction or modification of their Data at any time in a letter addressed to the Data controller, or electronically to the e-mail address set forth above. If Users find that the Data processing violates applicable law, they can turn to the Bulgarian data protection authority or the appropriate court to enforce their rights.

  4. User/Subscriber is aware of that Data Controller may transfer Data, for processing purposes, to sub-processors located in different countries within or outside of the European Economic Area (”EEA”), provided that sub-processors located in countries outside of the EEA have adequate level of protection.

  5. If any provision of the Privacy Policy proves to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the Privacy Policy, which shall remain in full force and effect.

  6. Bulgarian law shall govern the Privacy Policy and Data processing, with the exclusion of the private international legal norms and principles. The parties hereto will use their best endeavours to settle amicably all disputes, claims, questions or differences arising out of or relating to the Privacy Policy. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Privacy Policy may be submitted by either party to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Bulgarian court.

Effective as from October 2014


[email protected]