How to get more installs for Android and iOS application

Building an app from scratch is an exciting event for every developer out there. However, when you see the application that you have worked on so hard barely getting a few downloads per day, the whole enthusiasm dies down. Fortunately, you can boost the popularity of your app in five easy steps. Besides using SocialBoss, you can use these helpful tips on how to get more installs for Android and iOS application!


The first step into making your app more popular is improving your visibility on the app store. Whether you have an app for Android or iOS devices (or both), app store optimization (ASO) is essential for your success.

ASO includes all the features of your app as they appear in the store, and which you can emphasize to attract the user’s interest. Proper ASO involves optimizing the application’s title and description. It also includes presenting it with an appealing screenshot and using the most relevant keywords possible to make it rank high in searches.

By optimizing the app store image of your application you increase the chance of more users discovering it. Some may install it out of necessity and others out of curiosity, but the important thing is that it will be among the first app suggestions they receive.


Now that you have put your app out there, it is time to increase brand awareness. In time, having a cool-looking title and an interesting description will not cut it anymore. You need to make users recognize your product from the first glance of your app screenshot.

To do so you need to build and publish a website where you present your app, its mission and the benefits that users get after they install it. You do not have to make an overly complex website. A landing page, a contact section, and a blog page should be enough for your followers.

You need to use this website to enhance your online visibility and communicate better with your users. For example, if you have an app for photography, you can redirect users to educational articles and videos on the app’s website and vice-versa.


Everybody loves a free app even if it doesn’t meet their urgent needs. If you have an app that users normally have to pay a nominal fee to install it, you should consider giving it for free sometimes. People who are always on the lookout for freebies will appreciate your effort and increase the number of installs for your Android and iOS application.

Make a schedule of the days and time of day when you make your app free. Focus on times when people tend to take a break from their daily work or life obligations to surf the app store. A few suggestions would include lunchtime, post-dinner time and those lazy Sunday afternoons.


Another sure way of getting more installs for your app involves engaging users in fun activities. Offer giveaways to people who want to download and rate your app. Ask them to publish their reviews on their blogs or social media account to enhance your app’s visibility.

If you are confident in the app that you have built, this strategy could bring you a significant number of positive reviews. Other users can see these online testimonials and decide to try out your app.

Do not forget to send your users periodic notifications asking them for a review. People like to know that their involvement matters, so make sure you show them how much you appreciate them taking a few minutes to express their opinion.


At this point, your app should be visible enough to attract a reliable number of daily installs. However, your job of promoting it is far from done. To maintain your application relevantly, you need to explore new means of advertising it.

You can take a decisive step in that direction by creating a presentation package for it. This pack should include user guides, PDFs, screenshots and of course, the download URL for the app. Next, send it to important influencers in your sector for free. Ask them to try out your app and talk about it on their channels. You should get a staggering number of installs as soon as they showcase it in their materials.